Fiesta Back in The Good Old Day’s



Back before Ivan and Katrina when all our Louisiana Running Friends would come to the Fiesta Run in mass for a weekend of running, hanging with locals and playing on the beach, those were the Good Old Day’s. Well things have changed here and over there, but we are still carrying in the tradition the beast we can. The beach has changed, the run has changed and we have gotten older and maybe better (wiser). It’s now memories for most and looking at these old pictures is a trip down memory lane.

The pictures post here was passed on to me (Captn Fun) from Mike Andrews of Southern Runner fame. When Mike gave me the album he and Val had taken over 10 or so years I was honored. Since Val is no longer with us her photos live on.

The intent of this posting is to share those memories with all our Louisiana friends and other’s who made Fiesta So Special. Hope all enjoy and if you have some to share please free to contact use and let’s see yours too.

These images are scanned from the photo finishing hard copy, so the quaility is lacking and cropping is poor and time line is a little off. Hay at least we got this far !


Capt’n Fun